Permanent Waxing/Electrolysis

Permanent Waxing

FINALLY – permanent hair reduction for Blonde and Grey hair
BeaMar is one of only two clinics in London to offer this revolutionary, one-of-a-kind wax!
It is suitable for all skin and hair colours, including anyone with light hair or dark skin.  It is also safe to use on younger skin and you do not need to stay out of the sun after treatment.  
Typically, 8-12 treatments are required, depending upon individual hormone and hair cycle regrowth.  Treatments are conducted 4-6 weeks apart.  You will start to see decreased hair growth after just 2-3 treatments.  The procedure is very safe and most patients will not experience any side effects, however, we do offer a free patch test for clients with sensitive skin or if it’s your first time.
PERMANENT WAX works on eyebrows too.  Ladies who have bushy eyebrows can get rid of them for good.  Lasers cannot be used on eyebrows.
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Hair growth is natural, but some people may grow more hair than others due to age, hormonal imbalance or other factors.  From shaving to plucking, you can find several hair removal methods designed to help you remove unwanted hair. Unfortunately, these methods are only temporary.
Electrolysis may be the right solution for you.  It is a cosmetic procedure developed more than 100 years ago to treat people with ingrown eyelashes. However, electrolysis doesn’t just remove the hair – it destroys the hair follicle that produces the hair.  A hair follicle destroyed by electrolysis will never produce a hair again.
During electrolysis, a tiny needle is inserted into the skin. The needle is placed deep into an individual hair follicle that holds one hair. Then, a low-level electrical energy pulse is sent into the follicle to destroy it. The existing hair falls out and the process is repeated hair by hair. Clients may need to return for treatment between 10 and 25 times to destroy all unwanted hair. There is no risk of burning with electrolysis, as light isn’t used in the process.  However,  in some cases, clients may experience pain during treatment. To combat this side-effect, our technician might apply a numbing cream to the skin prior to treatment. Scarring and temporary inflammation can also occur, though it’s unlikely.

Please call (519) 690-0690 to book a consultation and pricing.
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