GlowMe™ Facial

What is GlowMe™ /Canadian Developed Serums/ Treatment?

So you have been hearing about the new facial called mysteriously BB Glow Facial, but what is actually GlowMe/BB Glow/ Facial? Beamar Using similar to BB Glow but Canadian FDA approved serums Blush Treatment

GlowMe™ Facial is a mix of semi-permanent makeup (which is safe and does not clog your pores), micro needling and special serum which makes your skin glow. Have you ever wanted to have that Flawless photoshopped face but in real life? Now it is possible.

It is more like a skin tint which evens your skin tone meanwhile benefiting your skin. The product contains vitamins and antioxidants, niacinamide and peptide which are necessary for skin brightening.

Besides obvious benefits of the procedure as smooth even glow skin, there is a variety of others. Such as:

  • Freckles fading
  • Skin brightening
  • Age spots fading
  • Fine lines reduction
  • Dark under eye circles brightening
  • Pores minimizing
  • Acne scars fading
  • Hyperpigmentation fading

Which steps BB Glow Facial consists of?

  1. Exfoliating
  2. Toning
  3. Micro needling serum application (5 min)
  4. BB Glow Nano needling (20-30 min)
  5. Soothing face mask (10-15 min)
  6. Hydrating serum
  7. Repairing cream
  8. Sunblock UV protection cream

How often should you do BB Glow Facial for maximum results?

It is recommended to complete a course of 4-6 sessions for maximum result, which will provide radiant smooth skin for up to 6 months. Each session requires a break of 10-14 days in between.

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